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What We Grow

We grow and hand harvest : Bing, Rainier, Kodria, Attika, SweetHeart Cherries. Red Haven Peaches, Nectarines, Plums and other stone fruits. Many varieties of apples. Bartlett, StarkCrimson, Concorde, Comice, Bosc, Red and Green Anjou, Forelle, Seckle and Asian Pears.

We are proud to offer other local growers' items such as: Honey, Jams and numerous Vegetables

Up Coming U-Pick Events

Head out to our Parkdale Farm location for 

u-pick Bing Cherries in late July

u-pick Peaches in late August

u-pick Blueberries  in Early Sept

Please contact us for specific harvest dates and addresses.


Lisa is a wealth of knowledge for everyone that walks in. Always has a terrific selection of fresh fruits and veggies that make you want to go back and stock up each week! Proud to shop local in our community with Cody Orchards!- Austyn Polzel

Great selection · Knowledgeable staff · Good value · Convenient location · Fresh food · Local produce


Bulk Produce available

Tis the season to splurge on high quality produce! 

July and August bring you the option to purchase boxes of cherries and peaches at a discounted price.

Bulk veggies are available for canning/preserving throughout the summer. Contact us to receive details on when items are harvested!

Sept-Dec provide us with  wonderful pears and apples! Many varieties available for your various needs from apple sauce, pies, to storing for the winter!

Big News

The farming tradition continues! The fruit stand started with Glen and Donna in 2006. The  original fruit stand closed in late 2018.  Their daughter Lisa and her husband hope to continue the fruit stand tradition and  purchased their own orchard acreage in the Hood River Valley. While transitions are happening, we hope you will stay with us  and check out our "Pop-Up" fruit stand until a farm stand on the farm is available!


       From Leasing to Land Ownership: Lisa Perry’s Orchard Life

Leasing to Land Ownership Artcile. Read it here!


We  define a family farm as a form of business enterprise in which the entrepreneurial decisions are made by a family engaged in the production of food, feed, fiber, fuel, forest products and/or flora for profit which provides a major source of income and capital for reinvestment.

We farm  using farm practices and resources that produce safe, high quality food and other products for America and the world’ resulting in profitable operations that improve the land and environment for future generations.

We accept cash/check/ Veggie RX vouchers, and WIC coupons.